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New age thinking

An award winning spirits producer to strengthen Vasari’s African presence.

The February 2014 acquisition of South African spirits business, TNB, provides a unique opportunity to tap further into the rising consumer demand for new-age spirits and emerging consumers.

TNB’s company motto ‘To life and laughter’ speaks of its respectfully energetic, award winning portfolio of beverages that includes, cream liqueurs, tequila, rum, vodka, whisky and gin infusions – as well as a new range of innovative mainstream premium beverages. Brands include; Ponchos, Carvo, Kandi, Fruit Lagoon, Sally Williams, Peacasso, Fuego, Republic and the recently added Executive range.

Established in 1999, TNB currently markets and distributes in South Africa from 12 sites, enabling coverage of more than 90% of the local retail spirits market. It also serves neighbouring Nigeria and Zimbabwe, as well as wider international markets including Australia.

Since its acquisition, Vasari has wasted no time implementing strong strategic initiatives, monitored by the team in partnership with TNB management.

Initial steps to provide for expected future momentum have to date included; Overhauling existing distribution and establishing a newly configured network of operators to extend reach and efficiencies.
Instigation of ‘new business’ strategies to add to existing key accounts. Recruitment and placement of ‘on-premises’ sales teams. Development and implementation of the new mainstream spirits range, Executive, that includes Scotch Whisky, Vodka, Gin and Brandy.

The early appointment of key industry veterans into the executive team, signifies Vasari intent to recruit top talent across the board to drive forward ambitious regional and international expansion plans at pace.

Performance forecast

TNB’s existing premium portfolio combined with new product thinking, strong regional presence, and the ever-increasing consumer appetite for innovative spirits with a refreshing twist, provides Vasari with a performance platform promising substantial growth and returns.