Assefa Hagos


Assefa comes from the public sector side with over a decade of experience in high level policy management, economic restructuring, privatization and financial sector reform in Ethiopia.

As the Minister in charge of public enterprises, Assefa oversaw the restructuring of the centralized economy they inherited from the communist regime into over 230 autonomous public enterprises operating along commercial lines in a free market situation. As the chairman of the Ethiopian Privatization Agency, Assefa oversaw the transfer of over 200 business units and enterprises from public ownership to the private sector, raising billions for the treasury to fund more critical infrastructure and public sector projects.Through his chairmanship of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) & Secretary of the Financial Sector Reform Task Force, Assefa played a key role not only in restructuring and revitalizing the then dilapidated CBE but also in reforming and transforming the Ethiopian financial sector.

As a mechanical engineer Assefa led the national program for the rehabilitation of construction equipment, agricultural machinery, transport vehicles and industrial plants under the Economic Reform & Rehabilitation Program (ERRP) of the early 1990s. While supervising the operations of hundreds of public enterprises in all sectors of the Ethiopian economy and at the same time overseeing the divestiture of most of them, Assefa also oversaw, led and/or managed the  initiation, development and implementation of several projects  in the sugar, biscuits & pasta, beverages, textiles, coffee & tea, chemical & mining sectors.

After leaving the government, Assefa consults in deal origination & management, project management and public policy. Assefa started his career with a B.Sc in mechanical engineering (AAU, 1980), MBA in Engineering Management (CUBS, 1994) and an MPA in Public Policy Management (HARVARD, 2011). Assefa now represents Vasari in Ethiopia and the neighboring regions of Africa. He is a Director at Ahadukes Food Products S. C and Rorank Business S. C.