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Market leading.

Vasari is a leading consumer focused investment group with over three decades of experience in owning and operating companies across a variety of industry sectors. Vasari focuses on branded goods and manufacturing in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Vasari is a highly activist investor, that operates as a private multinational, combining its own significant capital and years of operational expertise, to drive top line growth and promote efficiencies in its invested companies.

Led by Vivian Imerman, Vasari harnesses the skills of a core team of experts that have worked closely for over 30 years. Today Vasari continues to look for businesses to invest in and partners to invest alongside in order to create long term sustainable value.



We are a focused and highly experienced team, with an extensive network of expert advisors, who have worked together for over three decades.


Private ownership enables Vasari to be efficient in decision making and flexible in investment approach.


We believe that relationships are imperative to building trust and ultimately, nurturing growth. Our approach is open-minded, clear and personal.