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Over the course of over 3 decades Vasari has become a specialist in the branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. With deep expertise across the value chain in production, branding, distribution and finance, Vasari has earned a reputation as being among the very best in its field. Based on these competencies Vasari looks to invest in companies that display significant potential, though need the level of global management expertise and financial resources that Vasari can provide to accelerate growth and promote operational efficiencies.


Outstanding knowledge through ownership

Vasari has extensive multidisciplinary operational capabilities through owning numerous companies, accounting for billions of dollars in sales.

M&A and Due Diligence

Acquired, started and exited (sale and IPO) many dozens of companies globally.

Distribution strategy

Devised multiple route-to-market and distribution strategies and built warehousing complexes in both developed and frontier market.

Manufacturing & Production

Built and operated world class manufacturing facilities including production and packaging of food, confectionary, chemicals, soft drinks, beer and spirits.

Management Accessibility

Developed unrivalled networks and relationships with key industry experts and talent.

Supply Chain Management

Managed thousands of hectares of vertically integrated agricultural operations.

Human Resources

Experienced managers of labour relations, incentive schemes and training programmes through employing tens of thousands of people across multiple geographies.

Branding strategy

Created, developed and revived multiple brands across industries, customer segments and geographies.

Global Expertise

Operated extensively in the frontier markets of Africa and Asia as well as in developed Western economies.

Social responsibility

Across all ventures, Vasari invests in the local communities to improve health and education standards, local amenities and infrastructure. Close relations are sought with local groups and communities to promote and safeguard, both economic and social enhancement.


Maximising value of FMCG businesses

Vasari specialises in branded, fast moving consumer goods businesses, driving change through all operational areas across a range of sectors.

Alcoholic beverages
Spirits, Beer,
RTDS, Wine
Cereal, Gum, Chocolate,
Soft Starch, Tableted,
Sugar, Milk Solid, Dry Mix
Soft Drinks
Carbonated, Health,
Chilled, Ambient
Dry, Chilled, Ambient
Fruit Based Products
Juice, Canned,
Fresh, Preserved,
Ingredients, Fresh
Consumer Services
Quick Serve Restaurants
Pharma / personal care
Cosmetics, Self Care,
Generic Pharma,
OTC, Nutraceuticals,
Brand Pharma

investment analysis

A structured approach to processing and analysing new deal opportunities:
  • Does the opportunity fit our sector, geography and size requirements?
  • Strategically strong business
  • Operationally sound business
  • Growth opportunity
  • M&A opportunity
  • Organisational readiness
  • Analysis of key business issues utilizing in-house resource and extensive operating network
  • Headline analysis of key drivers with sector specialists
  • Identify management and other gaps (e.g. strategy, operations)
  • Detailed analysis of key issues in conjunction with specialist advisers mandated on a focused scope of work
  • Completion of commercial, legal and financial due diligence (“DD”)
  • Identify individuals to fill required management voids

First stage DD is conducted in-house by the Vasari team and affiliated sector experts.

Second stage DD utilises external parties with a tight scope for detailed benchmarking analysis.

DD is used to construct a detailed business plan which is utilised immediately on closing.

value creation

Our in-house operational team drive post investment value creation.

This team is led by experienced individuals who have operated through numerous economic cycles and throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. The team is supplemented with specialists depending on the needs of each deal. The pre-completion business planning by Vasari ensures that value is driven from day 1 of ownership.

This planning involves but is not limited to:

  • Identifying and recruiting best in class management leveraging Vasari’s industry network
  • Utilizing the Vasari project team’s extensive operating experience to drive the business plan
  • Creating monitoring and reporting tools to ensure early warning signals exist for under-performance