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Best in region

Ahadukes – a brand new 15,000 sqm food production business.

By most performance indicators, Ethiopia has moved way ahead in the emerging markets league. Political, social and macro-economic stability, combined with the Governments ambitious programs that fully support industrialisation, employment creation, value addition and capacity building, make Ethiopia a focal point for Vasari’s investments.

Having clearly identified an underdeveloped product category, Vasari has taken a stake in a joint venture with local shareholders to create a brand new, best in region, biscuit and food stuffs production facility, Ahadukes.

The partnership platform presents Vasari with the perfect opportunity to utilise its extensive FMCG experience with local expertise provided by JV Partners.

Focusing on a variety of flavoured biscuits and food stuffs, including pastas and noodles, the new state-of-the-art Ahadukes facility occupies an impressive 15,000sqm site, situated in Bishoftu town, 50km south east of Addis Ababa. The development provides huge local benefits, creating employment for a few hundred direct staff and potentially many times that indirectly

Vasari led strategic development initiatives have included; Extensive business planning conducted with experts deployed in country; Manufacturing expertise utilised to commission a new production facility; Organisational structure created and management team recruited; Go-to-market capability established; Employment of international food technologists to drive best-in-market product quality; Creation of a dynamic, multi-channel branding strategy to international standards.

Export targets COMESA’s 19 states

Inter-Governmental cooperation across COMESA’s 19 member states (population 389m), to deepen integration beyond the Free Trade Area, and to attain a fully functional common market by 2018, signals the massive development scope for Ahadukes to provide the best-in-market food brands delivered at affordable prices.

Vasari commitment

As well as Ahadukes employment of a sizeable local workforce, the Vasari team are committed to continuing its close relations with the Government and local groups to develop empowering social initiatives, that support both Bishoftu’s people and its surrounding communities. Vasari looks forward to playing its part in Ethiopia’s exciting and enterprising future.