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Vivian Imerman

Notable achievements to date include:

Acquiring the rights to Nabisco Africa as part of KKR’s takeover of RJR Nabisco, at the time, the largest private equity buyout in history. With Nabisco came the option to acquire Del Monte Royal Foods, and as CEO Vivian led its dramatic turnaround, almost tripling the operating performance of the business in 6 years.

Again, as CEO Vivian reversed the fortunes of the famous Scottish Whisky distillers, Whyte & Mackay, driving exponential growth and delivering 30x the investment when selling the business for $1.2B in 2007.

According to those that have worked with him, an innate ability to ‘see the broader picture – usually before anyone else – and act swiftly’, has characterised Vivian’s corporate progression. His entrepreneurial nature and unblinking focus, is closely supported by a long-standing senior team of experts with a full set of complimentary strategic, financial and operational capabilities.

His and his team’s shared vision and disciplines, fine-tuned over 3 decades, enables the timely investment in the right opportunities, leading to significant commercial value creation and tangible socio-economic benefits to the communities and countries he invests in.

Also able to draw on an extensive list of key associates, including relevant sector consultants and manufacturing experts, Vasari under Vivian’s stewardship, keenly identifies real value, conducts extensive due diligence, creates achievable business plans and works closely with local partners to deliver results.

To read more about Vivian and his achievements thus far, please see a selection of book excerpts and magazine articles below, that together offer further insight and background.

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