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A legacy of experience and innovation

Vasari has a dedicated team that specialises in investment management across multiple assets classes, geographies and industries.

The team implements a two-fold strategy focusing on preserving capital with a balanced spread of investments for long-term capital appreciation and generating income from a portfolio made up of investments including fixed interest securities and equities.

Natural Resources

Increasing demand – increased opportunity

Vasari Natural Resources is a special purpose division focused entirely on investing in a number of public and private mining businesses across the world.
To date Vasari Natural Resources has invested in South America and Africa and across a range of commodities including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Earl Crown

The finest private addresses

Earlcrown is a luxury project management and design house that creates the world’s finest private homes in the most exclusive addresses, delivering exceptional living spaces that are fully furnished and ready for clients to move into or retain within their investment portfolios.

“Our objective is to create pieces of history that will last for generations to come.”

Earlcrown’s expertise and dedication to design and craftsmanship has seen them awarded a multitude of accolades including the Prime Residential Developer of the Year Award. Whether transforming a prestigious historic property or undertaking a bespoke new build project, each home created by Earlcrown is a timeless piece of history and a product of immense rarity and value.

Sacoven PLC

Global expertise. Singular focus.

Sacoven PLC is a holding company formed to acquire a business or group of businesses in either the consumer goods or the natural resources sectors.
The Company will be advised by the investment adviser, Vasari Global Limited, utilising the investment team whom the Directors believe have extensive experience and knowledge of investments in both the natural resources and the consumer goods sectors. The Board is responsible for the Company’s objectives and business strategy and its overall supervision.

Investment Strategy

Sector focus

The Company will focus principally on the consumer goods and the natural resources, where it can leverage the track record of the investment team and its extensive deal sourcing network and knowledge of the target sectors.
Business preference

The Directors and the members of the investment team will focus on identifying the following potential investment opportunities for the Company:

  • A business where the investment team can bring their experience of executing and structuring transactions, to provide liquidity for the owner(s) of the target business and make any necessary changes, including changes to the management of, and within, the target, in order to unlock future value;
  • A business which exhibits strong fundamentals, for example, leading market share and high quality products, but is under performing and requires an overhaul of its strategy;
  • A business that has the potential to achieve a critical scale in its industry or sector, either organically or through strategic bolt-on acquisitions;
  • A business which is considered non-core by its owner, and would benefit under the control and expertise of the investment team.

Strategy and execution

The Company will apply the knowledge and skills of the investment team to screen and identify value in potential opportunities, to carry out detailed due diligence and negotiations in an efficient manner, and to propose innovative and capital-efficient transaction structures that will allow the Company to secure the identified business on attractive terms. The Company and the investment team will assemble appropriate transaction and operating teams to conduct due diligence on the target and to structure and execute the acquisition.

Investment size

The Directors expect that the target business for the acquisition will have an enterprise value of between £200 million and £500 million, although a business with a smaller or larger enterprise value may be considered.